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Maxthon MX5 / Portable

Maxthon MX5 Full / Portable


Maxthon Cloud Browser is a powerful web browser which has a highly customizable interface. The browser has multiple tools that make your web experience more enjoyable, such as resource sniffer, screen capture tool, night mode and cloud functionality.

Key Features Include:

  •  Unobtrusive UI: You can fully customize Maxthon Cloud Browser by adding, moving, swapping and changing the browser’s tool bars, icons, menus, colours, skins, and layouts.
  •  Built-in Ad Hunter: This tool will block harmful ads, images and pages. The Filter packs will screen out offensive Web pages too.
  •  Plug-ins: More than 1,400 plug-ins are currently available for Maxthon Cloud Browser.
  •  Cloud Syncing and Cloud Push: Maxthon Cloud Browser has the ability to synchronize your bookmarks, tabs, options and your address bar and new-tab links, throughout all of your computers and mobile devices running the app.

What’s new:

This update optimized the following features:

  • Added selection of IE feature in retro mode
  • Added upgrade reminder feature in main menu
  • Optimized the log in and register panel’s error notification
  • Added install option of Abp extension to Maxthon’s installation application

This update fixed the following issues:

  • Fixed the issue of the favorite bar displayed abnormally in windowed mode
  • Fixed the issue of history items can’t display after ticked the “Show history items in the match list”
  • Fixed the issue of there are no response when enabling SMS verification and view records on device
  • Fixed the issue of the browser will create several windows that can’t be closed in task bar after exit full screen mode
  • Fixed the issue of can’t click to open the HTML format files which added to My Sites
  • Fixed the issue of the favorite sorting is inconsistent after synchronizing between multiple computers
  • Fixed the issue of system screensaver is invalid after restart the browser under special cases
  • Fixed the issue of new tab will display blank after dragging it to become an independent window under special cases
  • Fixed the issue of the order of import favorites from IE is not consistent with IE favorite folder
  • Fixed the issue of URL in address bar can’t be copied completel.


  1.  Unpack and install
  2.  Done.

Download link:

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Maxthon MX5 Full Direct link / (53.3 MB) Maxthon MX5 / (50.7 MB) Maxthon MX5 Portable / (59.2 MB) Maxthon MX5 Portable / (57.6 MB) Maxthon MX5 Full / (48.8 MB)


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